Friday, July 13, 2012

Need help with my $10 lamps

Okay my fine decorating friends.  I picked this set of lamps up at a yard sale for $10.

I have brown leather furniture (I know, gag, but I have three cats so fabric is just unrealistic), and brown wood tables.  The table they're sitting on is one of them.  I am slowly adding some shabby chic (ish) elements such as my pallet hall table .

Eventually I'll be building a white pallet coffee table and making pillows and painting those two wicker chairs white.  The chairs are in that top picture next to the lamps.  My question is:  What do you suggest I do with these lamps?  And the shades?  And the tables?  Any and all suggestions welcome.
This the shade.  Should I trash it or is there something I can do to reuse it?

And the base? It's a goldish silverish now.

And the lamp is this twisted blond wood.

Okay, ready, set go!  I want lots of sugggestions!


  1. Here's what I think......lighten it up...get rid of the gold base (maybe some brushed nickel spray paint?)...lighten up the twisted wood (maybe rub on and then wipe off some white...give it a drift wood(ish) color....ditch those shades for something a little more fun!

  2. I agree with Danni, ditch the shades for something else. I don't know if I would paint them white because you will already have some many other white pieces of furniture in the room. How about painting them an accent color in your room and distressing them?

  3. Why not keep the shades (new shades are so darn expensive) and cover them in burlap. I've seen (don't remember the site) where they kinda ruffled the burlap and placed them on in strips right next to each other - that way you don't have to worry about laying the shade down, rolling it for dimensions yada, yada, yada which is a pain in the you know what. Oh, and if you would go with burlap you could spray the lamp base black and then distress.

  4. I like Erin`s suggestion..and accent colour and maybe satin nickel on the base? I would ditch the shades as they don`t seem to be a great size or shape for the lamps. I would look into some drum shades in linen or at Homegoods and stores like that...perhaps edged with black satin ribbon. Just some thoughts..:)

  5. I would leave the base as is and paint the wood part a fun accent color like turquoise or red, whatever you like. I love the ruffled burlap shade look, maybe even use the really light colored burlap to help lighten up your room. Thanks for sharing at Restyled Sunday's!

  6. Hi I was googling the word twisted wood lamps and your blog came up. How fun you are and love your blog

    I have an idea for the lamps. FLip them and make some money and brag about your lamp flipping talent. I love these lamps especially the wood and hate to see them painted so I am willing to pay 25 each for the lamps and you can keep the shades since another blogger metnione dshades cna be expensive and your creative talents will find other uses for them I am sure. Of couse shipping may be a little difficult but I am really in love with these lamps and would love to buy them off you... please consider the notion and think about the 30 dollars you will make .... I would pay for shipping I will email you my email address... hope to hear from you my name is Jill

  7. Hi again

    not sure if you saw my blog .. I am the one who recommended flipping the lamps. You are so creative I am sure you want to keep them and use your creativity but I would be willing to buy even one lamp and then you could still do your unique decorating ideas. If you would consider this notion my email is thanks so much I am new at blogging and do not know how to get blogger's email information and such or would have contacted you by email instead of this post. Sorry to be a pest ... Happy Blogging keep up the fun blogs!!!

  8. Just wondering if you still had the twisted wood lamp(s. It has been intersting reading your blog. So sorry to keep on posting this way but I do not know of any other way to contact you. If you have not used your creative talents on the lamps yet I would truly love to buy one off you. I promise this is not a scam of any kind. I would even send you a check up front which you could cash before shipping one lamp without the shade to me.... I have one lamp that I am almost positive is just like the ones you found at a garage sale and I have not been able to find the same lamp at any stores or on line. I had one of these lamps at my old house that we just sold and the placement of the furniture at our new home needs to be more symmetrical and we need one of the same blonde twited wood lamp on each of the two side end tables to complete the new look. The old home had the two end tables on different parts of the room so I was able to put a different lamp on each table. I will send you a pic of how I used the lamp and even if you would want to swap lamps as the other one does not go wth my new decor (but is a really unique lamp) or again I would be willing to buy the one lamp of you and you could still be creative with the other one.

    my name is jill and I am desperate to find the same lamp you have. My email is
    I hate to continue posting like this .... if you have already redecorated the lamps or just want me to stop posting I promise I will but since I had not heard from you I just thought I would make ne more desperate attempt to possibly get the lamp I am desperate for.

    hope to hear from you. jill