Saturday, June 23, 2012

Two fer!

I LOVE this refashion!  When I go to Goodwill and find this kind of dress I get all giddy.  I see possibilities.  I see cuteness.  And I see a $1 dress.  Yes, ONE DOLLAR.  But read on, I got two for one!  I never pay more than $1 for any clothes at Goodwill.  The regular price for a dress at Goodwill is $10.  I would never pay $10 for a used item of clothing from Goodwill.  So I wait until dollar day and find treasures. 

This is what it looked like when I brought it home.

First I took out the shoulder pads

Then I turned the dress inside out, tucked the sleeve into the dress and stitched around the arm hole.  This does two things:  It takes up the shoulder and shortens the sleeve.  I actually had to do this a couple times to get the right fit.  It was very large so needed to be taken up and in a LOT.

Then I trimmed off the excess.

Then I determined how much I needed to take in the sides and pinned at the new seam line, and sewed from the sleeve to the bottom of the dress.

Then cut off that excess.  Then hem.  Easy peasy!

Remember how huge that dress was?  I used the excess that I cut off the bottom to make this super cute skirt.  So, I got 2 pieces for $1.  Just made a band, a skirt, and sewed them together.  Yay me!

Now for picture overload!  I just wish I had some red shoes and a red belt.  I think that would have been really cute.

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  1. You are SO stylish! I would never have picked up that giant blue dress but look how stunning it is after you got ahold of it! I also can barely sew a straight seam, so maybe that's another good reason why I wouldn't have picked it up. :) This is beautiful!

    Kelly at View Along the Way

  2. Wow! I am so impressed by your creativity and sewing skills. Theskirt and dress that you created are stylish and fit you perfectly.

    I'm sloppy by from Serenity Now.

  3. i found your blog and had to follow your adventures at the goodwill...i love did a great job and look awesome!

  4. LOL! I just did a ruffled jean skirt from Goodwill skirts myself, Carolyn! : ) I love that dress! Very cute and I love the additional skirt you got out of the deal, too.

    visiting from Met Monday!

  5. That short dress is way too cute! Thanks for linking up!

  6. Awesome transformation! You look great in your new dress. Thanks for sharing at Etcetorize!

  7. That turned out cute. And thanks for showing how you altered the armhole. I have narrow shoulders and 1 of my pet peeves is when the shoulder seam is severl inches down my arm. This is an easy fix that I can do.

  8. i love goodwill finds and what you did with your's is fantastic!

  9. Beautiful.. I absolutely LOVE your style.. Great color and beautiful put together's. I would LOVE if you could please share / link this awesome post to my Mannequin Monday's party happening now pweeease.. LOVE this.. Hope you can stop in.. Wishing you a beautiful evening.. xo.. Marilyn -

  10. the after dress is gorgeous - something you could wear every day! Well done!

  11. Love the color! Never could guess it's from that frumpy $1 goodwill dress!

  12. This is so darling! Great work!
    Jacinda @