Saturday, June 16, 2012

Taking a Break (today)

I've been having problems with my vision for the past four months, and finally got to the bottom of it yesterday.  I had gone to see an Optometrist the other day, and he saw something at the back of my eye that he wanted checked out close by a retinal specialist.  So yesterday was my appointment with the retinal specialist Opthamologist.  What a long, grueling appointment.  Who ever thought a visit to the eye doctor could be so icky?  After dye being injected into my veins, and probes touching my eyes, and lots and machines and tests, they figured out that they can't really figure out what's causing it, other than the gel in my eye is pulling away from the retina, but is still attached right at the center of my vision, which is causing it to be blurry.  And there's nothing that can be done to correct it.  Anyhoooooo, my eyes are tired and dried out and exhausted, so today I'm doing nothing but resting.  No sewing, no building, no crafting, no cleaning, just resting my eyes.  

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