Monday, June 25, 2012

Sure wish I could grow something green.

I'm a big Pinterester and a couple weeks ago came across a pin (originally from here) about growing your own celery by cutting the bottom off your celery bunch and planting it.  She said that she puts it in water first then transfers it to dirt.  So I tried it.  To my amazement it actually started sprouting after a few days.  This was in water on my kitchen counter.  Then I transfered it to dirt and put it outside.  Have I mentioned that I live in Phoenix where it's 110 degrees?  I have tried and tried to grow things but everything I touch dies.  So this is what it looked like after about four days:

You can see right there in the middle and a little on the right side where it had started sprouting.  One day outside it shriveled up and passed.  So I'm thinking maybe I can do it INside?  I'm taking a do-over and started fresh this morning. 

Next to it is a Mango pit.  When I was younger we used to plant avocado pits all the time and they always grew.  I never got tree out of it but it did grow.  So I'm trying it with a mango.  A girl can dream.  This time I'm keeping them inside.  My 19 year old son totally laughed at me this morning.  He said, "You can't grow a mango from a mango pit!"  I'm sure he's right that *I* can't grow a mango from a mango pit but I'll bet someone with a green thumb could!  I'll update on my "garden's" progress next week.


  1. Good Luck! I remember planting avocado pits too...well, actually I remember poking three toothpicks into the pit (usually a few into my fingers as well) and then suspending the pit over a glass of water so just the bottom was in the glass...we watched till it grew roots then planted them. I saw this celery thing and thought about trying it too but I think I'll wait to see how your experiment goes!

  2. You need to crack open the mango pit first. The seed looks like this: