Friday, June 15, 2012

I Was Featured!

I was just doing my daily blog reading and opened up the blog, A Little Knick Knack, and imagine my shock/surprise/excitement when I opened it saw my picture on it!  Meg featured one of my $1 Goodwill refashions!  To you experienced bloggers this is probably no biggy to you, but this was my first time and I couldn't be more pleased.  When you get "featured", you get to put a special button on your blog telling the world.  This is the post that got featured:

And this is the button I got to put on my blog:

I feel like a celebrity!

Today Kameron will be coming home from a five day vacation in Seattle.  He went to visit his friend and his baby brother.  Who, by the way is 13 years old now!  I can't believe how fast time flies.  I'll be picking him up at the airport at 10:30.

Look how big and handsome they both are!

Then this afternoon I have to go see a retinal specialist opthamologist to try to figure out why I'm losing my sight in my right eye.  The optometrist thought it was one of two things.  One was something that could be corrected with surgery, the other thing there is nothing that can be done.  So it's kind of a double edge sword.  No surgery: no see.  Surgery: see.  Either way it's bad.  So I'm hoping for the surgery one, because it's getting very annoying not being able to see.  That's it for today, I'll probably have another refashion tomorrow.  Carolyn out!

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  1. Congratulations!! Enjoy your celebrity status :)