Saturday, June 2, 2012

My New Vanity Vignette!

I've always wanted a vanity where I could sit down, dry my hair, do my makeup, and be comfortable.  Although I have a master bathroom, it's about the size of a coat closet.  The sink is right next to wall so drying my hair always ends with bruises on my elbow.  Because I have all these pallets, and I've been enjoying building something from nothing, I decided to build a little vanity for my bedroom. 

I started by just making a 12" square from 1"x4"s, (from the pallets) attaching some legs, (from the pallets) and attaching a top.  The top was just part of an old TV cart that fell apart, but I kept the pieces just in case I could ever use them.  Then threw on a couple coats of primer, then paint.

See?  It's very small but fits the area perfectly.

Next I added some of my $1 bargains from Goodwill to the wall.  The little heart, the two mirrors were a set, and a cookie sheet that I painted and stenciled.

I put little magnets on the bottoms of my makeup to stick to the cookie sheet for  fun and easy storage.

Just be sure you wait until the picture hangers, which are glued to the back,
are dry before you hang it on the wall.  It's a little frightening
when it falls off the wall and onto the tile floor at 5:30 in the morning.

Also for storage I recycled some tin cans by spray painting them, to store my makeup brushes and hair brushes.

I built a little shelf to put under the mirror for added storage as well.  I can put my brushes on the shelf and a basket, that I painted, under the shelf for odds and ends.

When I was a little girl I took piano lessons for a time and my mom bought me a piano stool.  Although I only played for a short time, I kept the stool all these years.  My brother always loved the stool, so he had it in his home for a few years.  A couple weeks ago I was there and asked if I could have take it back and they were okay with that.  I asked my mom and brother if they minded if I painted it white, to go with my project.  They both objected vehemently.  So, as you can see, it sticks out like a sore thumb.  I know it is mine, and the ultimate decision is mine, but for some reason it's important to them to keep it in it's original shape.  And I'm nothing if not accommodating.

Although I'm 54 years old, I still like girly things and this makes me feel like a girl.  And I'm single so can have my room as girly as I want it!

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  1. Such a lovely space!!! Love your make up "tray"...
    Have a beautiful day!!!

  2. I always wish for my own little personal spaces also. I love the colors and how you have everything handie:) Thank you for sharing at Freedom Fridays. I so appreciate your support. Have a fabulous week!
    PS I am also following you on Linky:)

  3. You could do a simple cover-up for your stool. It would "match" better, and still underneath it would be the original.

  4. Very cute! I love girly things also, and I am 57.
    Thanks for sharing at Restyled Sundays.