Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dress "refashion"

It's in quotations because I'm not sure if bringing up the hem counts as an actual refashion.  I bought this dress yesterday at Goodwill for about $5 but it's a longer than I prefer to wear my dresses.  I had seen on Pinterest a pin about shortening your jeans but keeping the original hem (here).  Because my dress had contrasting trim on the bottom I didn't want to cut that off.  So I remembered the pin about the jeans hem and thought that would work nicely here.  I wanted to take about four inches off, so brought the bottom up two inches and pinned it.
Then I sewed just above the original seam, all the way around. 
Then just cut off the excess to the right of the stitching.

I just pulled up the sleeves, that's why the black trim isn't showing, but it's still there.  Cute?  I think so.
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  1. Wow, you find the cutest clothes! It's adorable and you are one hot mama!

  2. you did a great job with this dress. it looks fantastic!

  3. Carolyn, I got here by clicking on a pic you had an a blog party. I would just like to say that I love your ideas and how you take a dollar and stretch it til it screams---lol as far as your new wardrobe!! You really do a good job at refashioning and you look nice in the new outfits. I ended up looking at all your homemade furniture too, great job!! I am also sorry about your dear friend. I will pray for you and for her, it must be very sad as you were so close. ~~~Blessings, Annabell :)