Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Way back when, in another lifetime, I was a cop.  At one point I was a rookie cop and Dennis Zirbel was my first sergeant.  We instantly bonded in a mentor/rookie kinda of way, and have remained friends all these years.  His daughter, Kristy, who I also know, lives in the NW part of Arizona, year Las Vegas, Nevada.  Sergeant Zirbel comes down every year to visit Kristy so we always make it a point to visit.  They usually drive to Phoenix but this year we met in Prescott, which is about half way in between.  It was so good to see him but I worry so much about him.  He has Parkinsons Disease and has gotten quite frail.  He walks with a cane and has tremors something awful.  With God's good grace he'll be back again next year.  I love him like a father.

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