Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer is here!

I live in Phoenix, Arizona where it sometimes get a tad bit warm out.  It's only the middle of May at it's already up to 110 degrees.  When I first moved to my house a year and a half ago there was a neighborhood feral cat that everyone talked about and hated.  He was aggressive to their cats (or so they said, I never saw it).  It took me about a year but I tamed him.  He can't come in my house because he sprays.  But he is now my outdoor kitty who loves me just as much as I love him.  Up until yesterday he lived on my front porch.  I have a bed out there for him and food and water dishes.  He greets me every morning ready for his breakfast with lots of love and affection.  (Being single I need it anywhere I can get it)  I had him neutered and I named him Big Orange Kitty, BOK for short.  Well, yesterday I looked out my back sliding glass door and there was BOK on my patio.  He had never been in back before!  He was miserable, panting.  Poor guy.  I immediately got him ice water which he drank for several minutes.  He's out there again today, tucked tight up at the base of my house where it meets the patio.  I love this kitty, I sure wish I could do more for him.  But he lived outside before he met me, and knows how to do it.  But still......

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