Monday, May 7, 2012

Long flared jeans to cuffed capris

As I've mentioned before I've lost weight recently so have had to replace my wardrobe.  I've found my favorite place to shop is Goodwill, also because I've mentioned before, $1 Thursdays.  I've gotten several pairs of jeans all for $1 each.  Today I did another refashion of a long pair of flared jeans to a capri length cuffed pair.  Pretty cute if I do say so myself. 
This is the before.  Not a great picture but you get the idea.  And that's Chandler my cat at the bottom of the shot.  He loves to follow mommy around.
First cut off the bottom, leaving several inches for the cuff.

The zig zag the bottom edge, the fold up about a half inch and zig zag a "hem".  This helps to keep it from fraying.

Then figure out where you want the bottom of your hem to hit and fold the bottom edge up with the fold at that point.  Then tac the bottom along the side seams about a half inch just to keep the fold from moving.

Then tuck in the top edge to make the size of cuff you want.  Again, tac the side seams.  Then press.
And Voila!

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial! I'll be making my jeans into some capris or crops very soon now. :)