Thursday, May 31, 2012

Barstools from pallets!

I've fallen in love with building things out of pallets.  I'm building a breakfast bar at my kitchen "window" (project to be blogged about at a later date), so need bar stools for the bar.  Pallets are free, but bar stools are not.  I threw one together with pallet boards.  I see from the picture that I missed a few spots while painting and I will correct that.  But here is the "finished" product.  Not really my "style" but it was free and fun to make.
I really should run and get the paint brush BEFORE posting this but I
promise I'll get right on it!

These are the bar stools I'll buy when I can fit them into my budget but for now my pallet stool will have to do.  I know 3/$89 (for the tall ones) is a steal, but pallets are freeeee.   In fact, I'll make another one!
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  1. I believe I like your bar stool better. So much sturdier! (which I need more these days) hehehe
    I think the missing paint makes it "rustic" lol!
    Seriously I am impressed, very clever. Thanks so much for sharing at Freedom Fridays! Hope you weekend is super!

  2. thanks for sharing at Restyled Sundays. I think your stools are awesome. You should stick with these!