Thursday, May 31, 2012

Barstools from pallets!

I've fallen in love with building things out of pallets.  I'm building a breakfast bar at my kitchen "window" (project to be blogged about at a later date), so need bar stools for the bar.  Pallets are free, but bar stools are not.  I threw one together with pallet boards.  I see from the picture that I missed a few spots while painting and I will correct that.  But here is the "finished" product.  Not really my "style" but it was free and fun to make.
I really should run and get the paint brush BEFORE posting this but I
promise I'll get right on it!

These are the bar stools I'll buy when I can fit them into my budget but for now my pallet stool will have to do.  I know 3/$89 (for the tall ones) is a steal, but pallets are freeeee.   In fact, I'll make another one!
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Size small!

Today I had fun turning some of my size Large tops into size Small tops.  I can't even remember the last time I wore a size small.  And yesterday I cut off and took in the legs of some of my $1 Goodwill Jeans and big, long yoga pants into shorter, tighter ones.  Here are a couple examples:
It's a little see through, so wouldn't actually wear it like this.  It needs a camisole underneath.
And I painted last night and got paint on my jeans!

I like this one.  Looks better in a small!
These are $1 Liz Claiborne jeans that needed to be taken in in the legs.  They don't look a
lot different in the photo but I took them in a lot.
I LOVE my new sewing machine!  I was having problems with the tension but finally figured out the problem.  It was operator error.  Of course.  My dream though, is to have a serger.  That would make things so much easier.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Skin Cancer and Aspirin

I'll warn you now, this will contain photos that may be hard to look at.  If you have a queasy tummy, you don't want to see it.  Two years ago I was diagnosed with Melanoma.  Luckily my dermatologist caught it before it became malignant.  Then one year ago I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma.  Now I'm seeing a dermatologist regularly, expecting to hit the tri-fecta someday and get Basal Cell Carcinoma, but so far, no. 

Anyway, World News tonight with Diane Sawyer did a story on Aspirin helping to prevent both Melanoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma.  Are you serious?  They say you need to take a small dose, daily, for three years before you see the benefits, but most of us take a baby aspirin anyway, don't we?  I do, at my doctor's suggestion.  But that just started two years ago.  In fact, while I was going through the Melanoma cancer incident, it was found that I have a very minor heart issue, so was told to start taking the aspirin.

Now, here comes the upsetting pictures: 

This is just after the "Mohs" surgery removing the Melanoma
This is 3 weeks after skin graft surgery.  They grafted skin from my upper thigh.
This is after Mohs surgery on my scalp to remove Squamous Cell Carcinoma
And this was a couples weeks later.  Now I have a nice bald spot.
So, the bottom line?  Please us SPF 30 or higher, or just stay out of the sun.  I spent many years tanning both on the beach and in tanning beds, and I've sure paid the price.  I love a beautiful suntan, but it's just not worth it.


I'm following a link party Blog Hop, and came across a blog by two gals I used to go to church with.  I haven't had time to go through it yet but I'm so excited I found them!  I can't wait to look at all the things they've created over time.  Since I'm so new to blogging, I'm not exactly sure how this link party thing works but I'm joining and we'll see what happens! 
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Still on the Wagon

I had my 30 day of sobriety anniversary four days ago.  I can't say it's been easy but hasn't been overly difficult.  I was never one to HAVE to drink every day, or even every week.  My biggest problem is once I start, I dont' stop.  It's easy for me to down a whole bottle of wine in an evening.  No problem.  The problem was that since I was in high school I've experienced black outs.  Almost every time I drink.  The other problem is that if "things" get rough, my instinct is to grab a bottle of wine to help dull the feelings.  Whether it's depression, well, what can I say.  It's always depression.

So, there I was today, at QT.  QT is a very nice convenience chain here in Arizona.  Also known as Quik Trip.  I often stop to get an iced tea.  A 52 ounce iced tea.  With four packs of Stevia, which I carry around in my car.  So I fill my cup half way up and the machine runs out.  There are several other choices but the only other one without sugar is "mango" tea.  I thought, "how bad can it be?", especially since my cup's already half full.  So I filled it the rest of the way with unsweetened mango tea.  I get in my car and dump in my four packets of Stevia.  I take a drink, and almost spit it out.  Who knew that mango tea tasted so much like BOOZE???!!!!  OH MY LORD, I thought I was drinking my absolute favorite hard alcohol, Brandy! 

I don't really know how to take this.  Hate it because it reminds me of drinking, or love it because it reminds me of drinking.  I loved Brandy.  E&J Brandy.  On ice.  Or with a splash of water.  Or Mango iced tea from QT.  Hmmmmm.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Young Love

When my 19 year old son was in the 5th grade, he had a girlfriend named Taylor.  He liked her for 3 years, clear up until we moved away when he was in the 7th grade.  We now live in a small suburb of Phoenix, a city with about 35,000 people.  He was in touch with her about three years ago, just for a short period of time, when she told him she was pregnant and going to have a baby.  Then two days ago he came out of his room announcing that Taylor had friend requested him on Facebook and that she's moving to Arizona.  I asked him where and he said, "I don't care where!  It's Arizona!"  So he goes back to his room, and comes running back out and tells me she's moving to OUR TOWN!  No way!  Are you serious?!  Now, he is completely distracted and ready to sell everything he owns so he will be able to buy a car before she gets here in two months.  They are 19, she has a two year old daughter, and he's in love all over again, just like 5th grade.  I can't even tell you how worried/happy/excited/worried I am for him.  He has never stopped talking about Taylor, but did I mention she has a two year old daughter?  And they're 19?  Just hoping he doesn't get his heart broke.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wall Inspiration

I got an ad for Home Goods in my email today and was totally taken with this wall.  I wish I had seen it yesterday since today was $1 day at Goodwill and I decided not to go.  I could have gotten a bunch of frames!  Oh well, next week.  And it gives me time to find some photos to get copied.  Isn't it pretty?


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The City and all their power.

Okay, because I hate the rigidity of HOA's, I purposely looked for a house without one when I was buying.  I've lived here for a year and a half, I have "Arizona landscaping", and take care of my "yard".  Because I don't have extra money, I haven't made any changes to the the landscaping and it's quite boring.  But I spray my weeds and keep them pulled.  Since I've been on Pinterest, I've gotten into "pallets".  So far I've only built a bar stool, but do have plans to build more.  Last week I happened to run across a pallet that a very nice Coke delivery guy gave me.  It was leaning against my house in the front yard.  I hadn't gotten around to doing anything with it yet and that's where it was.  So today, my next door neighbor rang my doorbell, and we had both gotten warning tickets for our yards.  What?  Are you serious?  Mine mentioned my "weeds" which there was 3 on the East side of my house and 6 on the West side of my house, and it directed me to put the pallet out of sight.  Seriously?  The governments has THAT MUCH AUTHORITY?  Absolutely nuts.  And wrong. 

Now I'm watching the final episode of American Idol and picking apart everyone's clothes and hair.  Man, today you'd think I was one of the Mean Girls!  I'm really not.  I guess that's just the mood I'm in.  But, did you see Fantasia's hair and clothes?  And Chaka Khan's outfit and very visible panty lines?  Maybe I'm just old.  That is all.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Maintenance on Hcg

Today was my first day of maintenance on the Hcg diet.  I sure hope I didn't eat too much.  I'm afraid to weigh in tomorrow.  So, in two rounds I lost a total of 37 pounds.  I hope to lose a couple more pounds on maintenance, and I also plan do work out a little to tighten "things" up.  It's been about 11 years since I was this size, but I didn't look like this then!  Getting older sure changes things.  But I'll take this over being fat any day.

I'm slowly but surely getting my room put back together.  I'm not quite done painting yet.  I want to paint the walls and one more coat on my foot board.  Then I need to do a couple craft projects for the walls and do a photo shoot to document it all.  I hope it all comes together like it see it in my head.

Not much else going on here today.  Lazy day, but I'm wearing a really cute  $1 summer dress I refashioned from Goodwill!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

What was it?

I put out a challenge the other day to guess what I was making.  But since literally no one reads my blog, no one guessed.  But here it is!  I'm pretty happy with it.  The one thing I would change next time is NOT use styrofoam, but use a piece of wood to mount the mirror on.  Tell me what you think!
I see some necessary adjustments but you get the idea!


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Black bell bottom refashion

On my trip to Goodwill yesterday I got some great buys, everything for $1.  This is a pair of pants I got: 

You can see they're flared, and just a tad bit too short anyway.  Since I live in Phoenix, I wear a lot of capris and shorts.  I only wear long pants two or three times a year so I tend do shorten all my pant refashions.  All I did was cut off the bottom of each leg, zig zag the edges to stop fraying, turn up about 1/4", and stitch around.  Then I ironed a 1" hem, then stitched that.  This is how they came out!  Let me know what you think!

Friday, May 18, 2012


Well, my craft isn't done like I hoped it would be.  I found out that glue and styrofoam do not mix.  The glue basically just melts the foam.  So, I'm going to have to find another material for that one part.  Not a problem, just a time issue.  Plus, I did some paining in my bedroom, trying to finally finish.  Another day or two and the painting should be done.  I can't wait!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

What will it be?

Let's play What Will it Be?  I'm going to post a picture of my upcoming project and you try to guess what it's going to be! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Have I mentioned how much I love payday.  I'm pretty sure I did last month at this time.  I usually go out and blow it all the first day after paying bills.  Today I only got what I needed.  Woo hoo for me!  I got paint brushes so I can finally finish my bedroom painting project, and a few other odds and ends. 

The highlight of my day was getting my "yearly" mamogram, even though it's been a few years since my last one.  The highlight of THAT was that the tech, after looking at my last images, asked if I'd lost weight.  Why, yes have!  She said she could totally tell from comparing the two.  It's always nice to hear someone notice, even if they've never seen you before. 

Tomorrow is Thursday, my weekly Goodwill run, and monthly Costco run.  Can you tell by reading this post that I have no life?  Oh well,  maybe I'll have something fun to report soon.  Peace.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer is here!

I live in Phoenix, Arizona where it sometimes get a tad bit warm out.  It's only the middle of May at it's already up to 110 degrees.  When I first moved to my house a year and a half ago there was a neighborhood feral cat that everyone talked about and hated.  He was aggressive to their cats (or so they said, I never saw it).  It took me about a year but I tamed him.  He can't come in my house because he sprays.  But he is now my outdoor kitty who loves me just as much as I love him.  Up until yesterday he lived on my front porch.  I have a bed out there for him and food and water dishes.  He greets me every morning ready for his breakfast with lots of love and affection.  (Being single I need it anywhere I can get it)  I had him neutered and I named him Big Orange Kitty, BOK for short.  Well, yesterday I looked out my back sliding glass door and there was BOK on my patio.  He had never been in back before!  He was miserable, panting.  Poor guy.  I immediately got him ice water which he drank for several minutes.  He's out there again today, tucked tight up at the base of my house where it meets the patio.  I love this kitty, I sure wish I could do more for him.  But he lived outside before he met me, and knows how to do it.  But still......

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

My parents and one brother live here in Phoenix, and since my brother is the only one with a pool in the backyard, most family gatherings end up being at his house.  Today, being Mother's Day and all, we had dinner there.  I took my mom her casserole tray and not only was she surprised, she LOVED it.  She thought it was genius.  I am SO happy about her reaction.

Also, since it's now warm enough to heat my brother's unheated pool, I had a photo op since my weight loss.  As of today I've lost exactly 35 pounds.  When I first started the Omnitrition Omni Drops (Hcg) my goal was to lost 20 pounds.  Once I got there, and knew how EASY the diet was, I readjusted my goal to 25, then 30, then 37.  37 because it takes me to an even 120 pounds.  So, here is the picture:

Not too bad for 54, eh?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Update on Casserole Tray

Last week I blogged about the mother's day gift I made for my mother.  It's casserole tray for her to take all her yummy food to all the potlucks she goes to.  I just added so flowers to the sides of it to make it a little more appealing to the eye.  This was made from pallets and I absolutely love it.  I hope my mom does too.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Drill bits!

Why do I keep breaking my drill bits?!  Because, of course, it means I have to make yet another trip to Home Depot!  Because I have not spent enough money there yet.  I'm trying to throw together a bar stool, which is practice before I start my kitchen island, and I break not one, but two drill bits!  Tomorrow is another day to spend another dollar.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Way back when, in another lifetime, I was a cop.  At one point I was a rookie cop and Dennis Zirbel was my first sergeant.  We instantly bonded in a mentor/rookie kinda of way, and have remained friends all these years.  His daughter, Kristy, who I also know, lives in the NW part of Arizona, year Las Vegas, Nevada.  Sergeant Zirbel comes down every year to visit Kristy so we always make it a point to visit.  They usually drive to Phoenix but this year we met in Prescott, which is about half way in between.  It was so good to see him but I worry so much about him.  He has Parkinsons Disease and has gotten quite frail.  He walks with a cane and has tremors something awful.  With God's good grace he'll be back again next year.  I love him like a father.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Super Cute Skirt Refashion

Not much going on today.  Kameron left for work about a half hour ago and I'm just catching up on the blogs I follow.  I did one refashion, the I think it turned out super cute.  I bought a quite large (size 1X) lady's rayon blouse, with a geometric type, almost ethnic, pattern.  I got it at Goodwill for $1.  That's me, I'll only pay $1 for clothes.  :-)  Of course I forgot to take a before picture.  Darn it!  But here is a picture of the fabric: 

I cut the top off, just under the yolk, which left the bottom part, which was perfect for a skirt.  It was HUGE.  I made a casing at the top for elastic for the waistline, then threaded elastic through, and this is what I came out with:  No hemming because the the bottom of the blouse was already hemmed.  Isn't it cute?

It's bouncy and flared.  I feel like I should be going dancing!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Long flared jeans to cuffed capris

As I've mentioned before I've lost weight recently so have had to replace my wardrobe.  I've found my favorite place to shop is Goodwill, also because I've mentioned before, $1 Thursdays.  I've gotten several pairs of jeans all for $1 each.  Today I did another refashion of a long pair of flared jeans to a capri length cuffed pair.  Pretty cute if I do say so myself. 
This is the before.  Not a great picture but you get the idea.  And that's Chandler my cat at the bottom of the shot.  He loves to follow mommy around.
First cut off the bottom, leaving several inches for the cuff.

The zig zag the bottom edge, the fold up about a half inch and zig zag a "hem".  This helps to keep it from fraying.

Then figure out where you want the bottom of your hem to hit and fold the bottom edge up with the fold at that point.  Then tac the bottom along the side seams about a half inch just to keep the fold from moving.

Then tuck in the top edge to make the size of cuff you want.  Again, tac the side seams.  Then press.
And Voila!


As most of you know I'm always out looking for a bargain.  Thursday is my favorite day of the week because it's Dollar Day at Goodwill!  What that means is that anything with a particular colored price tag is $1.  No matter what it is, it's $1.  I came across this great terra cotta colored lamp.  I just had to have it.  I'm painting it white for my (in progress) all white bedroom, and I need to get a shade for it.  I'd really like one of those barrel shades for it but I have to look around.  I'm just so proud of my little find!

And as you all know I'm new to blogging and I keep seeing "Link Parties".  You all probably know what that is but I'm just learning.  One of the blogs I follow regularly is having a link party for great thrift finds this week so I'm entering my $1 lamp.  There is link to her party!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mother's Day DIY gift

Mother's Day is next week.  We usually only do dinner or something small but this year I was inspired to make something for my mom.  Any time we have a family dinner, she brings something, always in a card board box where her food contents have spilled over, and she always leaves her oven mitts here.  I wash them, and eventually return them. 

Mom goes to a LOT of pot lucks with her various bridge groups so I thought, what can I do to make this easier on her AND surprise her?  I poured through Pinterest to find the perfect gift.  I found it.  I didn't follow her tutorial, I wish I had, because hers looks SO much better than mine.  But, for a first try, I'm pretty darned proud of myself. 

As you can see her blog AND her casserole tray look WAY better than mine, but still.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Update:  I added some stenciling to give it a little "pretty".


Saturday, May 5, 2012

White capri refashion and DIY garbage disposal cleaner

I have one more refashion that I want to share.  These were long, wider leg pants that I cut off and made skinny.  I love my new hobby!  Now if I can just remember to take before pictures.

Also, a tip I learned on Pinterest about freezing pieces of lemon in vinegar in ice cube trays for cleaning your garbage disposal.  AWESOME.  Freeze them then take them out and store them in a zip lock bag in the freezer.  Use one whenever the mood strikes you!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Size 2

I am continuing on my weight loss journey.  I'm down to a size 3.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find clothes in that size?  I'm not sure if it's because they just don't order very many or what.  So most of my shopping has been done at the Goodwill on dollar Thursday.  Got some really cute white (long) capris, white little lace up ties on the sides.  Not my cuppa tea so I cut them off and made them into capris just below the knee the way I like. 

I'm also working on my "cat shelves".  The glue is drying on them right now, and when that's done I'll put a few screws in them and glue on the carpet.  I hung one and put some cat nip on it and kitty climbed right up there.  He didn't stay long but more shelves to come soon.

Now that I'm into a size 2 I've had to buy more clothes.  I got these very flared khakis at Goodwill for $1.  Yes, you heard me right, $1.  I zipped the sewing machine down the inner and outer seams and made them skinny.  Love my skinny jeans.  "Sew" easy to do!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hobby Lobby

I got the hardware back on my dressers and nightstands.  I did absolutely no painting.  Darn!  I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time ever.  Oh my goodness, that was overwhelming.  SO BIG!  I bought supplies to make a starburst mirror for over my bed.  That's if I ever get my bed finished.  I also got a lamp shade for my $1 lamp I got a Goodwill a couple weeks ago.  The shade is a dirty dark off white color, so I'll be spray painting it white.  One of these days, one of these days I'll get caught up.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Home Depot

Today was K's day off so I was able to use my own car!  I went to Home Depot and bought enough cull lumber, at 51 cents each, to build my kitchen island.  I know, I know, you're probably thinking, when do you get to see one of these projects I keep talking about?  I have about ten going on at once, and none of them are getting completed.  I did get the bed taken apart so I can start priming it tomorrow.  I spray painted the pulls for the dresser drawers and nightstand just a few minutes ago.  I also am going to build cat shelves.  What is a cat shelf?  Well, those are shelves that will go up the wall like a staircase so the kitties can sit at the top above everything, which is a cat's favorite place to be.  I may or may not work on those tomorrow.  We'll see.  I really do want to start on the island though.  I found a butcher block top at Ikea for only $39, which I will go get on payday, two weeks from now.  I also need to get the cement and grout for the breakfast bar at that time.  In the mean time I'll just keep plugging away with what I have.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today was just a day to try to get my room put back together, just so I can tear it apart again.  I had all my clothes and everything from the dressers on my bed.  I have most of it put back, now that the dressers are done.  Next I have to tear my bed apart so I can paint it.  That will take 2-3 days considering I have to do two coats of primer, two coats of paint and one coat of verathane.  Plus I'm working on a bar stool out of scrap wood.  It's basically put together, but it has to be sanded, primed and painted.  It's kind of fun putting my hands to work.  That's between naps, that is.  M.S. sux.