Saturday, April 14, 2012

A word about my weightloss

Have you ever heard of Omnitrition?  Apparently they've been around for many years in the business of making/selling nutritional supplements.  This past year they got into Hcg drops and are doing great.  I ordered them then end of February and in about six weeks I've lost almost 30 pounds.  I'm on my three week maintenance right now, but will do a second round in a couple weeks.  I have to still lose the last ten.  But I've gone from a size ten to a six, but want to get down to a four.  My original goal was to lose 22, to get down to 135.  Once I got there I decided my goal was 125.  I'm at 131 now, but 121 would be nice!  So the goal just keeps changing. 

My friend Tracy first told me about it.  She's lost almost 100 pounds.  We are on a Facebook page called Omni Rocks where people list testimonials and questions about their adventures, and a ton of before and after photos.  Many people have lost 100 pounds and many more have lot 50, and I just highly recommend it.  If you're at ALL interested in Omnidrops for weightloss,  go to Tracy's website and order! 

There a couple negative things about losing weight:  One is you have to get all new clothes.  I've taken in (altered) the ones I could, have bought a few things at Goodwill, and bought one or two new things.  I don't want to get too many since I'm still shrinking and will have to do it all over again.  The other negative is that when you lose the fat in your face, the wrinkles become much more pronounced, making you look older.  I hate that part.  But I'm really liking my new body.

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  1. I must do something to kick start me into losing some extra baggage. Could you explain to me what to buy and how it works and what you are doing to lose your weight.