Saturday, April 21, 2012


My dad called last night to say that Nana (mom's mom) wasn't doing well, is on oxygen and an i.v.  Poor thing is just so old and run down.  She slept pretty much the whole time I was there, and I'm sure she didn't know who I was.  My mom is doing much better since her knee replacement surgery.  She had such a bad reaction to post surgery aspirin that she was in bed for over a month, sick.  It just ate up her stomach.  Then I came home a spray painted my $1 Goodwill lamp, but don't have a shade for it yet so not posting a pic yet.  Also I noticed my little egg carton herb starters are popping up.  If they keep growing I'll transfer them into a bigger container.  I'd really love to get some basil and rosemary and cilantro.  Pretty much spent the rest of the day playing on the computer, Pinterest, in particular, and catching up on TV shows.  Tomorrow is a nice day planned with friends.

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