Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My 3 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

My first favorite is my bullet blender. I use it every day to make little strawberry smoothies. I just throw in about ten frozen strawberries, a packet of stevia, water, and sometimes some plain greek yogurt and sometimes not. Instant smoothie in ten seconds. My next favorite is my crock pot. I use a couple times a week. I throw in several frozen chicken breats and a can or so of diced tomatoes and spices, and in 6-8 hours I have enough chicken to last about four days. Then my last one is one I just got in the mail today and it’s called an Xpress, Redi, Set, Go. It’s a little plug in gadget that looks simliar to a George Foreman Grill but isn’t. I just cooked my frozen salmon patty in it in about 8 minutes, probably could have taken it out in about six. So, there you go!


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