Friday, April 27, 2012

Lazy pajama day

I never even got out of my pajamas today!  A couple things have kept me down today.  I'm "loading" which is something you have to do the first two days of the Hcg diet, which means you have to eat and eat and eat until you're full, and stay that way all day.  I'm so used to eating healthy that I am literally sick to my stomach.  Plus, I've been continuing on my painting project in my bedroom so I can at least get the stuff off my bed so I can sleep in it tonight.  Last night I attempted to sleep in my recliner but one of my cats had other ideas for me.  Climbed on me all night long, not wanting me to sleep at all.  And he got his way.  Tomorrow I'm hoping to get further on my bedroom project, and maybe even finish it in a day or two. 

One thing I really need to fit in tomorrow is to go visit Prestin in the hospital.  I sure wish I could talk Kameron into going with me.  He's taking it pretty hard and just can't bring himself to go.  Or call.  He thinks it's just too hard.  We do love that kid.

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