Friday, April 13, 2012

Hi my name is Carolyn and I'm addicted to Pinterest

A week ago I had no idea what Pinterest was.  One of my friends mentioned in on Facebook and I asked what it was and she sent me and invitation.  Why you have to be invited I have no idea.  Well, it's been a week now and I now have a week's worth of recorded shows in Tivo that I need to watch.  I sit with my laptop 16 hours a day.  I have stopped occasionally to "refashion" clothes which I've learned on Pinterest.  THAT is fun!  I will have to start taking pictures of my "stuff" so I can add them to this here blog.

Blogging is not something I ever thought about doing but I have so much fun reading other people's that I thought why not.  I'm not very literate and don't have a creative bone in my body, but I'll read it, even if no one else does.  One of dear friends started journaling when she was about eight years old and eventually transcribed her whole entire life into an online blog.  She still journals but not longer blogs.

I'm hoping to make more entries that are just a LITTLE more interesting but I can't promise anything.

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