Thursday, April 26, 2012

Almost done with the bench and Prestin update

Prestin is in the hospital for a week or so starting chemo and having a bunch more tests.  So far they know there are 11 nodules in his lungs from the sarcoma.  He starts chemo tomorrow.  We'll go visit him sometime in the next day or two.

Now, the bench.  I didn't follow the instructions which were to cover it, THEN add the legs.  I didn't have the "stuff" to cover it so added the legs because I was in a hurry to make it a bench.  Well, because of that the corners look pretty bad where I attached the cover around the legs.  Live and learn.  Also, I could not for the life of me find foam, so ended up getting a $1 sleeping bag and some batting which I cut to make the cushion.  It's okay but would be better with foam.  The legs aren't painted yet because I haven't decided if I want to paint them white, which would look beautiful with the fabric, or dark brown which would go with the rest of my livingroom furntiture.  I also can't decided where I want to put the bench, in front of the couch like a coffee table, or under the half wall where the cats would use it.
  Here is the tutorial I found on Pinterest.

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