Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pallet Shelf

This is my latest pallet project. Once I figured out the secret to breaking it down (pry bar and hammer) it was so much easier. Just took the boards off one side and painted it. I love the rough look of it and I think the white paint is a good contrast against the tan wall.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sheri in the Skies

Today I thought of something I needed to tell Sheri.  I picked up my phone before I remembered she was gone.  Never to talk to again.  I've lost people before, but never like this.  Kim Ney, my ex pro-active partner died several years after we were partners, my grandfather "Papa" died but we only saw him once or twice a year, Steve Cox ten years after we dated.  But never like this.  Sheri and I talked every day.  She was the sister I never had.  We had twin dirt bikes, we had twin Impalas, our boys played baseball together, we vacationed together, we talked on the phone every day.  I'm finding it harder and harder to get up and act like it's a "normal" day.  This is the new normal and I'm not sure I'll ever get used it.  The depression is intense and sad.  The aloneness is overwhelming.  I'm trying hard not to find comfort in a bottle of wine.  That wonderful warmth after the first glass.  Staying strong but not liking it one bit.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Baby Max's Football Blanket

I've been off line for a couple weeks, due to pure laziness and just a touch of depression.  My very dear friend Sheri has been very sick with cancer since March and passed away on Tuesday.  I'm comforted in the fact that she's no longer suffering and I'll always cherish the memories we made together.

One of my best friends, who I went to high school with, her daughter is expecting her first baby.  Jaymi is a huge college football fan, specifically the Cal Bears.  I hunted high and low for Cal Bears fabric but couldn't find any, until after I already made this one.  I found this great football print fabric in Cal Bears colors though, so can I get props for that? 

It's okay to blog about it now since she received it in the mail today.  It was my first blanket and the first time I've done seam binding.  I thought it would be easy but not so much.  If you don't use a magnifying glass, it's pretty nice.

What do you think?  Will baby Max like it?

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sadness in the Nutshell house

I grew up in Seattle and lived there for 47 years.  About four years before I moved to Arizona I met Sheri through my son's sports.  We lived a block away from one another and became fast friends.  We spent a lot of time just hanging out, dirt bike riding, and having cocktails.  Once I moved to Arizona our visits became few and far between, but always at least twice a year, but we always talked at least three or four times a week.  She came down every fall and we went to Yuma and stayed at a casino and spent time at the pool, in the hot tub, going over the border to Algodones Mexico, and just relaxing.  Then of course any time I went home we got together.  She came down in March for a long weekend.  Because I don't have a pool we decided to get a hotel for the pool and the hot tub, and because it was within walking distance to all the restaurants just in case there was any alcohol involved.  Which, there's always alcohol involved with Sheri.  She's the queen of the B-52s.  She always had to give the bartender instructions on how to make the perfect B-52.  While Sheri was here she mentioned that she had a head ache but didn't say much more about it.  We had a great weekend and she went home.

Three weeks after Sheri was here she called me and said she was going in on Friday for an MRI because she'd been having head aches.  Head aches so bad they would keep her up at night and caused her to have to call in sick to work.  I tried to reassure her that everything would be fine.  Friday afternoon, Sheri called me from the imaging clinic and told me she had a brain tumor and was being sent directly to the hospital.  When she arrived at the hospital she was seen by many doctors who wanted to admit her and do immediate surgery.  Because her mom, Carol, lives in Oklahoma and her brother Rick spends winters in Yuma, she said she had to get her family home, get her husband and kids up to speed before she could have the surgery.  Carol went home, Rick went home, and ten days later they operated.  They took out a baseball sized malignant tumor of the worst kind of brain cancer there is.  Glioblastoma is what she had.  I've spoken to her exactly twice since her first surgery.  I don't know what happened.  I don't know if it's the surgery that did it, or the cancer got loose or what but she has been a mess ever since.  She's had to have two more surgeries to relieve swelling and fluids, she can't talk, she can't walk, and as of a few days ago she's no longer eating or drinking.  Her mom tells me it's near the end.  Poor Carol has been at her side 24 hours a day for four months.  Tim still has to work full time so it's been good for him to have Sheri's mom there.  Sheri has spent most of the last four months in the hospital and is now in a "rehab" facility.  Carol told me that I'll probably be getting "the call" soon.  I am so broken hearted.  Sheri has been the sweetest, dearest friend I've ever had.  She's always been there for me.  She has all my secrets.  All my stories.  She's the one I've called for the past nine years.  She's been my person.  I know this isn't about me, but not being able to be with her or see her, hug her, hold her hand, has been awful.  Most people would get on a plane and go visit but that's not in my budget and never will be.  Sheri, this is my goodbye to you.  I love you and appreciate you more than you will ever know.  I just wish I could tell you in person.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Need help with my $10 lamps

Okay my fine decorating friends.  I picked this set of lamps up at a yard sale for $10.

I have brown leather furniture (I know, gag, but I have three cats so fabric is just unrealistic), and brown wood tables.  The table they're sitting on is one of them.  I am slowly adding some shabby chic (ish) elements such as my pallet hall table .

Eventually I'll be building a white pallet coffee table and making pillows and painting those two wicker chairs white.  The chairs are in that top picture next to the lamps.  My question is:  What do you suggest I do with these lamps?  And the shades?  And the tables?  Any and all suggestions welcome.
This the shade.  Should I trash it or is there something I can do to reuse it?

And the base? It's a goldish silverish now.

And the lamp is this twisted blond wood.

Okay, ready, set go!  I want lots of sugggestions!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Okay, I need your HONEST opinion

No one will get hurt for telling me what they really think.  I picked both of these items up a few months ago for $1 each at Goodwill.  I think it took me so long to do something with them because maybe deep down I didn't really like them?  So anyway, I finally got around to refashioning these.  The skirt was about four inches too long and the lace blouse was just way too big. 

Because I liked the embroidery on the bottom and didn't want to cut it off so I put a seam in the middle of the skirt.  I wanted to take off about four inches so I brought up the bottom 2" and brought down the top 2" and sewed along that line.  Then I cut off the extra.

As far as the blouse, I stitched along the seam where the sleeve and shoulder meet.  The arm hole.  That brought the shoulder up to my shoulder where it belongs.  Then I took in the sides quite a bit.  Then I decided I really didn't like the long sleeves so I cut them off and hemmed them.

Okay, my question is:  Does this outfit make me look like an old lady?  I mean I AM an old lady but I don't want to LOOK like an old lady.  I'm 54, seven months from being a "senior citizen" where I can get all those wonderful discounts at restaurants and stuff.  So this is where you have to be honest with me.  I NEED to know the truth.  This cost a total of $2 so if you tell me it's an old lady outfit, I won't get any heartburn if I have to get rid of it.  Anyone?

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

130 degree Coke

So I went to Walmart to pick up some groceries and as I was leaving I grabbed a Diet Coke from McDonalds. Remember, I live in Phoenix and at 11:00 a.m. It was 106 degrees outside. Which makes it about 130 degrees inside my car. Or more. I put my Coke in the cup holder in the center console. So I'm driving down the street, pick up my Coke and take a long swig. Well wouldn't you know I grabbed my sons four day old drink from QT. do you know how gross that is? Not just that it's 130 degrees (or more) but that it's 130 degrees and four days old! So where do you spit out 130 degree (or more) four day old Coke when you're driving down the street? Let's just say its a good thing no other cars were around me. It's like I had a bee in my bonnet the way I was scrambling to get that out of my mouth. Nasty.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Liebster Award!

Liebster Blog Award

A HUGE thank you to Julie Ann at Jam's Corner  for giving my blog the Liebster Blog award!

I just recently started following Julie Ann and she was kind enough to give me this award.  Thank you so much!  She is also new to blogging, having only a month under her belt.  I guess that makes me a dinosaur, having three months!  Ha!

Liebster means "dearest" in German and this award is a great way of encouraging new bloggers with less than 200 followers.  I couldn't be happier receiving this award.

According to the rules, once you receive this award you must follow 3 simple rules:

1. Link back to the giver
2. Post the award on your blog
3. Pass the award on to 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers.

I hereby nominate the following 5 awesome blogs:

1.  Lisa at Budget Design Girl
2.  Sonya at So Simple
3.  Terrie at Hearth and Whimsy
4.  Shannon at The Divvy Spot
5.  Daniela at Frugal Aint Cheap

Let's all check out these ladies' blogs and show them some love.


Have a fabulous day!

My bedroom partial reveal

I've been working on my room for a couple months now, and I'm still not finished.  Of course I forgot to take before pictures in my current bedroom but here is my furniture in my old condo.  And that is the same picture that I covered in fabric and painted the frame.  Painting furniture is not something I want to do again any time soon.  I used an oil based primer, another thing I won't do again, then used Behr Ultra White paint.  I'm not finished painting the walls, mainly because I need more paint, but this wall is done!  I can't decide what I want to do with the lamp on the left.  I'm thinking I may spray paint it white.  Would love to hear what you think!
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

I was nominated!

I am so honored!  I have been nominated by Erin at Crafter Biggers for The Versatile Blogger Award!

I can hardly believe it!  I've been blogging for less than three months and I couldn't be more excited about this.  Blogging has helped me in so many ways.  It's gotten me off the couch, out of my funk, and my house is reaping the benefits. 

Here are the requirements for the award...

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award
2. Include a link to their blog in you post, as well as the award image
3. Give 7 random facts about yourself
4. Nominate 15 other deserving bloggers for the award
5. Include links to the nominated bloggers' sites
6. Let the other bloggers know that they have been nominated for the award.

7 Randoms facts about Carolyn at My Life is a Nutshell and I'm the Nut:
1.  I am a retired deputy sheriff from Seattle, Washington
2.  I moved to Phoenix Arizona seven years ago to get out of the rain (refer to fact #1)
3.  I inherited the thrifting gene from my mother but didn't know this until I was 54 years old.
4.  I love cats and have three living with me IN the house and one feral cat outside.
5.  I have too many favorite decorating styles and colors so my house is in a constant identity crisis.
6.  Two years ago I was violently attacked by a dog and on the fear scale that far outweighed the two times I've been shot at.
7.  I was a hair stylist for seven years before I was in law enforcement.
I want to thank Erin for this nomination.  It was such a welcome surprise.

15 blogs I would like to nominate for this award are:

1.   Becky @ Beyond the Picket Fence
3.   Donna @ Funky Junk Interiors
5.   Gail @ My Repurposed Life
6.   Kelley @ The Grant Life
7.   Amy @ One Arsty Mama
8.   Rachel @ Thrifty Inspirations
9.   Aimee@ It's Overflowing
10.  Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic
11.  Marilyn @ The Artsy Girl Connection
12.  Amanda @ Serenity Now
13.  Whitney and Ashley @ Shanty 2 Chic
14.  Kristi @ Addicted to Decorating

These ladies have been a source of inspiration, both in the blogging and decorating.  Thank you all, and especially thank you to Erin for nominating me.  Please check them out!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I was featured!

My pallet hall table was featured at: !!!!  Yay!  Thank you Katie!

And by One Artsy Mama!  Thank you so much!

Ad Sense and a refashion

Since I'm so new to blogging I don't really understand all the ins and outs of it but I saw something called "Ad Sense" and signed up.  Now I have ads on my blog!  It asked for my address to send me my "checks."  Seriously?  Am I going to make money at this?  How fun!  Extra money's always nice for a disabled person.

Also, I did another refashion.  This one I'm not too sure about.  It's kind of a shirt dress or jacket dress?  Since I live in Phoenix and it's 115 degrees I'm sure I won't wear it until November when it cools down a bit.  Also not sure about the fit of it.  But it was an easy project on this $1 Goodwill find.

I tucked the sleeves in, right sides together, and sewed around the the seam about 1 1/2 inches, to bring up the shoulder seam and shorten the sleeves.  This was a size 11 dress and I am very small, so that didn't work.  I had to do it a couple times to get the fit right.  Then I trimmed the excess fabric.

Kinda cute, don't ya think?!

Oh, and happy Independence Day!!!

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